Honza & Kateřina Kabut

Honza and Kača were first introduced to Josiah Venture (JV) through a JV summer camp in 2007. That was the first time they served with KAM, JV’s partner organization in the Czech Republic. Then in 2011, they helped launch Fusion—JV’s gospel and rock choir outreach ministry—in their local church in Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, Czech Republic. God used camps and Fusion to grow their hearts for other young Czechs. Consequently, they love equipping young leaders and inviting Czech unbelievers to be involved in these ministries.

In 2016, Honza started serving on the JV International Communications Team where he uses his design and media skills to support other missionaries serving with JV. In the fall of 2017, Kača stepped into the role of Administrative Assistant for the JV International Human Resource Director; And a year later, she transitioned into the Human Resources Manager for KAM. She is supporting other missionaries in the Czech Republic, helping them to have a healthy and firm foundation for their ministry.

In addition to their national and international roles, they are serving in their local church. Honza is the main tech guy who runs Sunday services—either in person or online. Kača is in charge of Hangouts— monthly events for young Christians in Frýdlant. Both of them lead a small group and are equipping young people to become Christian leaders. They are involved in summer camps, weekend retreats, and other events that the church is doing for youth. They look forward to many more years of seeing God use their gifts in their roles on the international and national JV teams, as well as in their local church. They long for God to move teenagers’ hearts.

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