JV General Fund

Giving a general gift to Josiah Venture allows us to quickly direct funds to those programs and projects that are most needed.

Slovakia Treehouse Project

This is a draft text for the Treehouse.

Edge Games 2024

Edge Games is an international sports tournament that will host 300 young people from 10 Central and Eastern European countries. The 2024 Games will be hosted in the Czech Republic this April. All athletes are part of local Edge ministries in their home nations. Coming together for an international tournament is an exciting opportunity for these young players, motivating them to stay engaged with their local teams. Being part of this tournament also helps national leagues generate more energy and momentum, in turn creating more opportunities for the spread of the gospel and strengthening of relationships through sports.

The cost is $250 per person, plus travel expenses incurred by teams. Please join with us to help these young people participate in this event.

2024 Marriage Coaching - JoAnn Larrabee

JoAnn Larrabee has been connected with Josiah Venture since its inception over 30 years ago. Her daughter and son-in-law, Laura and Dan Hash, are part of the founder's of JV and have lived in Poland since 1993. They have recently taken over ministry to marriages within JV and in honor of JoAnn's homegoing on April 11, 2024, any money given in memory of her will be put towards Marriage Coaching Training and printing manuals in all of our 15 languages where JV serves.