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The X Factor Dear Friends, These days, those who live in Europe look across the waters to the UK and United States with a bit of envy. Vaccinations in these countries are picking up speed and the overall numbers affected by COVID-19 continue to drop. In many places, life seems to be returning to normal. Not so on the continent... Read more



Keys of the Kingdom “Praying is spiritual work, and human nature does not like taxing spiritual work. Human nature wants to sail to heaven under a favoring breeze, a full, smooth sea. Prayer... Read more Igniting the Flames Dear Friends, What ignites the flames of revival? In Acts chapter two, a fledgling band of Jesus followers grew rapidly as thousands responded to the preaching of Peter... Read more Eighteen Years and Still Learning 18. In Hebrew, it means “life.” In most countries, it’s the age when you are considered to be a legal adult. Yet, for me, it’s the number of years I’ve... Read more Satisfied in Christ Dear Friends, What does it mean to be satisfied? Certainly, there is much to be unsatisfied with these days. All of us are weary of restrictions and limitations... Read more Stability in the Father Change is such a small word that can have a big impact on life. It’s constant, it happens all the time, and it affected everyone in 2020. Change can be easy; it can be hard;... Read more Winter Work Dear Friends, This January marks over ten months of uncertainty and upheaval as the stubborn Coronavirus continues to spread around the world. In spite of vaccines... Read more 20 Questions to End 2020 - Part 2 Did you miss it? Do you know what surprised Brooke Stevens in 2020? Did you read what Scott Molvar’s mantra would be for 2020? Do you know what one of our own JVK’s, Asher... Read more 20 Questions to End 2020 Welcome to the end of 2020. You made it. We know you’re curious, and you want to know how your missionaries handled 2020. Just how did they stay on mission? You want to... Read more When Small is Big Dear Friends, Across Europe, governments are restricting the size of meetings to slow down the spread of Coronavirus. Since much of our work takes place when groups of... Read more