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Equipping Young Leaders Dear Friends, “I don’t think we will find a solution.” My wife Connie looked back at me with a bit of surprise, since she rarely hears these words from her husband. Even though I care deeply about the challenge of formal theological education, I was running out of optimism and faith. In the last... Read more



Indigenous Empowerment Dear Friends, What does indigenous empowerment mean? If you say it out loud it is quite a mouthful, but to JV these two words are familiar and foundational to everything... Read more Unexpected Endings Dear Friends, Sometimes conversations have unexpected endings. Although Poland is very religious, and most Poles consider themselves Catholic, the evangelical church... Read more Harvest Time Dear Friends, I have some dear farmer friends who grow grass seed and other crops near Salem, Oregon. Visiting them is always a treat, but I’ve learned not to stop... Read more Hidden Witnesses ... Read more Fusiondary Dear friends, Music is the international language of young people. They study with it, walk with it, follow it, and often try to find their identity through performers... Read more Nourished in Israel I never thought I would have the chance to go back to Israel. Three years ago all of the Josiah Venture singles were invited to go to Israel to study the life and teaching... Read more Missional Prayer Dear Friends, How can you pray for your missionaries? Most of you give regularly to a JV missionary. Thank you for your sacrificial generosity that enables them to... Read more Zero to Sixty in ...? Dear Friends, How long does it take to go from zero to sixty? In a fast car, you might manage it in a few seconds – if the sixty you are talking about is miles per... Read more An Ongoing War Dear Friends,For these people, the sound of war is never far away. Severodonesk is just 30 km (19 miles) from the front lines of military conflict in eastern Ukraine. In this... Read more