A new generation of leaders has risen up since the revolution.

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Brief History

Surprisingly, a rich spiritual heritage is part of Czech history, including Jan Hus, a reformer who inspired Martin Luther, and the Moravian Brethren, who in a period of 20 years accomplished more missionary work than the entire Protestant church in the 200 years preceding. Despite this heritage, the forced domination of the Catholic Church during the 1800’s and the powerful impact of communism during the 1900’s produced a nation that is profoundly secular and quite skeptical of religion. Some say it is the most atheistic nation on earth, with the highest percentage of people convinced that God and a spiritual world does not even exist.

Spiritual Demographics

The evangelical church is tiny, making up only less than one third of one percent in a country of 10 and a half million. Most Czechs have no religious affiliation. Several cults have made significant inroads in recent years, particularly the Jehovah’s witnesses. They number close to 25,000, making them twice as large as the largest evangelical denomination.

Ministry Outlook

Still, the church is growing, and there is a renewed interest in spiritual things, especially among young people. A new generation of leaders has risen up since the revolution, and their efforts are bringing significant change to the spiritual climate of the country. Camps and relational evangelism have been particularly effective, since extended time is needed to break down the barriers of mistrust and give enough information so a challenge to faith in Christ can be made. The greatest need is for evangelism of the lost while the doors of interest are still open, and for equipping a new generation of leaders for the Church.

Pray for courage and innovation in evangelism, and pray that the Church would not fall into complacency or be lured by the god of materialism. Pray for people to serve and do the work that so desperately need to be done in order to mobilize young people for the task of building Christ’s Kingdom.