Using many years of experience to fuel and assist the JV team.


Other JV Ambassadors

The Josiah Venture A-team is a unique group of highly mobile, part time staff who work to advance the JV vision through special projects. These team members serve as ambassadors or accelerators  to fuel and assist the Josiah Venture mission of reaching young people in Central and Eastern Europe for Christ and equipping the local church.

A-team members are typically half timers who have freedom to invest their time and energy into furthering God’s kingdom and leverage their years of experience and wisdom. They generally focus on a specific project or invest in key JV staff to equip them in areas like leadership development, organizational design, facility management, and mentoring.  They may also represent the work of JV at a particular school, group of churches, or region.

A-team staff commit to a particular project or emphasis for 6 to 24 months. They donate their time, but raise support to cover their expenses in order to provide their expertise at no cost to the JV national teams.