Ukraine Crisis - General Fund

The Josiah Venture team is serving Ukrainians by responding to their various needs at different phases of the war. Ministry in each phase is done in cooperation with local church partners.

JV leadership has created a plan with three phases in which to focus on humanitarian care, relief aid, spiritual and emotional care, infrastructure needs, and ministry/church restoration. These phases allow JV to plan for anticipated assistance as well as respond well to donors and supporters who want to continue to assist Ukrainians in this time of need.

The three phases are Respond, Renew, and Restore:

Phase 1 - Respond
Meeting Ukrainians’ immediate physical and spiritual needs.

Phase 2 - Renew
Renewing ministry opportunities to reach Ukrainian young people in Ukraine and in the surrounding countries where they have fled as refugees.

Phase 3 - Restore
Empowering churches in Ukraine to restore ministry and transform society around them as people are deeply impacted by the war.

Ukraine Interns - Summer 2023

Despite the continuation of the war in Ukraine, summer ministry efforts have not stopped, and nor have the desires of young leaders to serve and point the next generation to Christ. This summer, Ukraine will host two national interns. Will you consider supporting their work to reach their generation?