Evangelistic Highways

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Music Highway

It is an undeniable fact that music has the power to bring people together. Attend a concert, choreograph a dance, or learn to play an instrument and you’ll see it --there is a kind of magic in unique melodies and harmonies, different notes and chords uniting to produce a cohesive whole. Fusion is our JV way of harnessing that power to connect un-churched youth in Central and Eastern Europe to Christ and the local church.

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Language Highway

Since the very beginning of Josiah Venture’s ministry, being able to practice conversational English as a language learner has proven time and time again to be a huge draw for young people in Central and Eastern Europe. Speak English, our own innovative curriculum used at summer camps and in English classrooms and clubs throughout the year, offers students the chance to not only learn how to communicate more articulately in English, but also grow closer to God and form relationships with the Christian community around them in the process.

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Schools Highway

In some of the most atheistic places on the planet, here in Central and Eastern Europe, teenagers can feel like there is no exit for the dangerous paths they walk down that ultimately lead to death. Yet, God is miraculously opening doors into public schools, giving Josiah Venture the opportunity to share with thousands of young people how Scripture’s truth and the love of Christ offer the only way out. Using an innovative prevention program, Exit is our ministry that brings lectures, concerts, and workshops full of Biblical values into students’ lives.

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Sports Highway

Talk to any athlete and they’ll tell you that on game day, it’s important to show up ready to play hard. That’s easier said than done, because it takes courage, strength, and commitment to lay it all on the field. In life as a whole, this same principle applies. Sadly, the majority of young people in Central and Eastern Europe don’t have Jesus or Godly people in their lives to coach them on what a life well-played looks like. That’s where Josiah Venture’s Edge Sports ministry comes in.

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