Pavla Kajfoszova

Pavla (Paja) was born in the Czech Republic and comes from a non-Christian family. Before joining Josiah venture (JV), Paja earned her bachelor’s degree in Economics and worked as a Sales officer and Coordinator for Silesian Diacony in Český Těšín—a service organization.

Starting in 2015, she participated in JV EDGE Sports floorball camps in Ukraine, where she first heard about JV. She was fascinated by the work and vision of the organization. After a few years, she got the opportunity to join JV EDGE International full time, based out of the international office in the Czech Republic. Now Paja is on maternity leave and works part-time as the JV Edge Sports International Administrative Assistant and supports leaders to use sports well to reach non-believing students with the gospel. She has been serving with JV since March of 2020.


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