We provide mission experiences that equip your students to fulfill Christ's commission.

Develop Your team

Are you searching for a high impact missions experience this summer?

Desire to equip your students to share their faith peer-to-peer, in English, yet cross culturally?
Concerned about the complexity of overseas missions?
Looking for opportunities to mature your leaders in discipleship?
Want your missions experience to make a sustainable impact?

Build God’s Kingdom

Utilize Our Experience

We have over 25 Years of experience working with teams in Central & Eastern Europe.
Our staff of over 300 is engaged with more than 400 churches in full-time ministry.
We’ve hosted over 1000 English, Sports & Music camps with an evangelistic focus.
We are in 15 countries where less than 1% of young people know Christ.


“It was an eye opening experience, because you see how much people want to find meaning in something, and to see them searching for that, and finding God, is completely refreshing.” Catherine, Short-Term Team Member
“I discovered there was a whole other world outside of my own Christian environment, where God is working beyond what I had thought.” Robyn, Short-Team Member
“Josiah Venture realizes their vision through camps which provide a great opportunity for church leaders to invite students who would not go to church, to first get an idea what church could be like.” Rob, Church Youth Co-ordinator