The Lord is also opening up new doors of ministry in new cities.

Other JV missionaries in Slovenia

Brief History

Slovenia declared independence from Yugoslavia on June 25th, 1991. For the first time in history, the Slovene people had the opportunity to govern themselves. They are now in the challenging process of deciding who they will be as a nation and as a people. Values and beliefs are shifting rapidly. Ten years ago, nearly 90% of Slovenes claimed to be Catholic. That number has now dropped to 46%. A desire for prosperity is quickly filling the void created by Slovenia’s independence from the Soviet Union and the Balkan states. We have an incredible opportunity to reach the nation and its youth for Christ, but the task is a large one.

Spiritual Demographics

Slovenia is a country with 2 million inhabitants and is about the size of New Jersey. Only 1,100 -1,200 people in all of Slovenia claim to be evangelical Christians. This places it among the most un-evangelized countries of the world.

Ministry Outlook

The Lord has given the Josiah Venture team in Slovenia opportunity to partner with local churches and be a light in some dark places. After five years of slow toiling work, we are beginning to see a handful of Slovene youth with a passion to change their world with the love of Christ. We are able to walk alongside these leaders as we begin to train them in how to disciple.

The Lord is also opening up new doors of ministry in cities like Radovljica and Kranj that have not had an evangelical presence in over 400 years. It seems the Lord is preparing to shed His light to the nation using this next generation. The spiritual war is at hand, and as we press into the darkness Satan presses back. Please pray for these new believers and leaders to be rooted deeply in Christ so they can reach their country with the love of Christ.