Agata & Jan Jankowska

Agata was born into a believing family, yet she did not always feel like she belonged to the local church. She did not understand serving the church, because she struggled to imagine how she could serve. As a teenager in 2010, she was a participant in El Dorado, a program organized by Josiah Venture Poland. This program was a series of weekend events throughout the school year aimed at people aged 13-19, whose goal is to help young people discover Christ and his calling for their lives. Through El Dorado, Agata began to grasp who Jesus Christ is and understand that she is called to serve young people, not only in the church, but wherever God sends her. Throughout her teen years, she got more deeply involved in El Dorado, became aware of the opportunity to know God more deeply, and learned new skills she could use to serve him. She was actively involved in El Dorado on a volunteer basis for 7 years before joining as their full-time coordinator in 2017. At present, she is responsible for organizing all El Dorado events, including: leading the volunteer team, all logistical needs, and graphic design. These events reach about 200 Polish youth annually.

Alongside her husband Jan, Agata is involved in her local church as a youth mentor, getting to know the needs the youth have and helping them to discover who God is. Jan is also involved in ministry through leading worship and volunteering with El Dorado outside of his full-time job.

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