Simon Kolesar

Šimon gave his life to Jesus at the age of twelve. At the age of fifteen, he started serving in the Lutheran church in Hanušovce nad Topľou, where he helped with the youth ministry. Later, he became part of the high school youth ministry team at his school in Prešov, which he later led. He went to college in Bratislava, where he studied History, Education, and Philosophy. There, he joined the Lutheran church in Bratislava-Petržalka and started helping with their youth and adolescents ministry. He currently lives back in Hanušovce nad Topľou, where he is leading the youth ministry team.

His first contact with Josiah Venture was when EXIT TOUR came to his town, and later through the conference for youth leaders (KPM). He once again had contact through the School of Leaders (SPM) program, from which he graduated in 2019, and where he later became an intern. Since 2023, he has been involved in the School of Leaders on a full-time basis, where he helps with the preparation and implementation of meetings, as well as with developing the "bigger picture" of the project.

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