Ermal & Nertila Gjermeni

Emanuel, Aron, Joana, Elroi, Amos.

Ermal has served as a pastor in the church of the Nazarene in Gorre, Lushnje, Albania since 2011. His core ministries are youth and sports. From an early age, God used football to bring Ermal into his plan. Now, he uses sports as a means to help other youth get into God's plan too. Ermal believes that equipping this generation with a Biblical relationship with God is the only way to help the people in his country to live a meaningful life.

Ermal is married to Nertila and they have 5 kids (Emanuel, 13; Aron, 9; Joana, 8; Elroi, 3; Amos, 1). Ermal and Nertila's hearts’ desire is to disciple the young people of Albania and bring God's Kingdom into every home.

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