Lukas & Daniela Vecerik

Lukáš found friends in the local church during high school. They accepted him amongst themselves despite the fact that he was clearly against the idea of God, and they even allowed him to help organize various youth events and summer camps (KECY). Thanks to that, God slowly transformed his heart.

In the summer after high school, everything clicked for Lukáš, and he decided to follow Christ. He currently serves as a college youth leader and oversees the development of younger leaders in his church.

Lukáš is a self-development enthusiast and always says that no one gives him bigger and better challenges than God. One such challenge was the offer to work for Josiah Venture. Lukáš worked as a manager in an IT company and when he got tired of it after a few years, he decided to learn programming and change his career. The moment he was hired for a new programming job, God came up with a question: I have something better; do you trust me?

Lukáš will be in charge of the development of: JV staff in Slovakia (especially the leaders of individual projects), the Slovak part of the organization, change management, and recruitment.

He married his school sweetheart Daniela, who is his biggest support in everything he does.

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