Training Programs

Truth is most often caught rather than taught. Since our goal is to equip leaders to make disciples, training occurs life-on-life in the context of experience and long term relationships. Jesus modeled this in the holistic way He equipped his core team, so JV also makes hands-on discipleship a core focus in the context of model ministries and intensive internships.

School of Leaders

School of leaders is a training course for youth leaders who are currently serving in various evangelical churches and denominations. The goal of this course is to intensively train a small group of youth leaders to develop youth ministries that are effective at fulfilling the Great Commission, namely, in evangelism, spiritual growth of believers, and equipping young people for ministry.

During several weekends throughout the school year, these youth leaders receive training in areas of personal character growth, theology, Bible study principles and methods, Christ’s ministry, discipleship, and practical youth leadership skills. Currently, we have school of leaders taking place in the Czech Republic, Latvia, Serbia and Slovakia.

Internship Program

Internship program is a nine-month training of intensive discipleship and evangelism for youth leaders, youth group team members or other ministries among young people. This program offers one week a month of intensive Bible and theological instruction in topics such as systematic theology, Bible study methods and personal growth. During the other weeks in the month, students are given practical training and coaching. They must also serve in their local church youth ministry and have weekly contact with non-believers.

During this nine-month training, students are able to develop their ministry in the local church, deepen their knowledge of the Bible, learn new skills in ministry and give God the space to change their character. Currently, the Czech Republic and Poland offer this program.

Youth Leaders Training Conferences

Each year countrywide conferences are held for youth leaders from many different evangelical denominations in order to provide them an opportunity for further learning, coaching, encouragement and interaction between leaders.

Through a thematic approach to specific needs facing youth workers, these conferences seek to encourage and motivate youth leaders, as well as groups of volunteer student youth workers to continue touching the lives of their peers. Currently, youth leaders conferences are being held in Poland, Serbia and Slovakia.